MADCUP has been selected by the High Council of Sports to take part as an Event of Exceptional Public Interest “ADB 2020 II”, an initiative that aims to contribute towards improving and developing sport in Spain.

Companies who support this project benefit from tax incentives established to facilitate public-private collaboration in these kinds of sports activities and projects. 

Check out these videos to find out more about how these tax incentives work.

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ADB 2020 II

ADB II (Apoyo al Deporte Base – Support for Grassroots Sport) is a plan supporting grassroots sports that aims to encourage more people to participate in sports, as well as to foster more opportunities to discover sporting talent and offer comprehensive training, both in athletics and academics. The ADB PLAN II is considered an Event of Exceptional Public Interest; it is led by the High Council for Sports, in collaboration with the Fundación Deporte Joven (YouthSports Foundation), the Spanish Sports Federations, and the Autonomous Communities. 

The general goals of this initiative are to:


· Increase physical activity and sports participation at schools and universities.
· Improve and innovate programs to identify and develop talented young athletes.
· Achieve an optimal development path and motivate athletes throughout the course of their career, as athletes and as students, from formative years to the professional level.

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