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From June 23 to 28, 2023
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Main venue

Ciudad Deportiva Wanda Alcalá de Henares: Atlético de Madrid Sports City


Tournament Celebration Ceremony
Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium


Here is where sport and education in core values bring together different cultures, languages and countries to unite them with a common goal: to compete, learn, enjoy and play, living and feeling a first hand experience of the meaning of victory and defeat, but also appreciating the commitment, sacrifice, effort, respect and the shared experiences, emotions and feelings with teammates, friends and rivals.

MADCUP is the point of connection where the sports community and the educational community are found in a unique setting, coexisting to demonstrate the power of sport to educate children in core values.

MADCUP provides a safe space for learning, respect and competition.

ADB 2020 II (Apoyo al Deporte Base – Support for Grassroots Sport):
the High Council of Sports has selected MADCUP as a collaborator for Events of Exceptional Public Interest “ADB 2020 II”.


In collaboration with the Atlético de Madrid Academy

Sports, Education and Values

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