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To confirm the registration of players in the tournament that do not require accommodation (they travel daily from their usual residence to the tournament), the registration fee per person must be paid by the club at the time of registration as detailed in the payment schedule section. Only once this amount has been paid will the player be officially registered and will be guaranteed participation in the tournament and the celebration ceremony. Players or teams that have not paid their fees in full before the start of the tournament will not be allowed to participate. In the payment schedule section are defined the amounts and dates of payments. The specific identification and registration of the players must have been sent online to MADCUP before May 10, 2023. If for any reason a player is unable to attend, the club may register another player, communicating the identification data through the tournament website, before June 13, 2023. 

The club may increase the number of players, always subject to the limit established per team in the regulations, upon payment of the applicable registration fee per additional player.

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