2022's Celebration Ceremony Security Measures



27th June 2022.
Start: 19:00CEST
End: 22:00CEST


17:45CEST: Doors open for team members and coaches.
18:00CEST: Doors open for general public.

Below we inform you and list some of the important security and operational issues that must be taken into account to make the party we will live on the 27th as pleasant and agile as possible for all participants.

· Please respect at all times the indications of the security personnel and the staff of the organisation, they are there to help you.

· Avoid crowds, especially in the access areas or exit gates.

· There is a left-luggage office next to the Atlético de Madrid shop in the West area of the stadium (next to the restaurant area) where you can leave the belongings that are not allowed inside the facilities.

· In the case of members of the attending football teams, access to the facility will be allowed with the cloth bags provided by MADCUP in the welcome pack, in which they can carry 1 plastic bottle and/or water bottle with a maximum capacity of 1,000 ml for hydration, as well as a snack (not pieces of fruit).

· Bottles or any other container with drinks other than water will not be allowed.

· Those attending the event as general public, family or not, will not be allowed to bring food or drink.

· No metal containers, glass, blunt objects or dangerous items will be allowed.

· Video cameras and laser pointers are not allowed, as well as any other object that the organisation considers dangerous.

· Access is forbidden to ticket holders who are involved in any of the causes established in the Regulations for the prevention of violence in sporting events, such as the following:

a) Participating in altercations, fights, brawls, fights or public disorder.

b) Introducing, carrying or using any kind of weapons or objects that could produce the same effects, such as sharp or cutting elements, or elements weighing more than 500 grams/millilitres that could be used as projectiles, such as food in rigid containers, bottled drinks or their containers, umbrellas with metal or wooden tips, golf umbrellas, selfie sticks, reflex cameras, laptops, baby bottles, special glasses for children, etc.

c) Bringing or being in possession of flares, firecrackers, explosives or, in general, flammable, smoky or corrosive products and pyrotechnic devices.

d) Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, stimulants or similar substances.

e) Introducing or selling any kind of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, stimulants or similar substances.

f) Introducing, displaying or producing banners, flags, symbols or other signs with messages inciting to violence or terrorism, or by virtue of which a person or group of persons is threatened, insulted or harassed because of their racial or ethnic origin, disability, religion or moral convictions, age, sex or sexual orientation.

g) Chants, utterances, sounds or attitudes that incite violence or terrorism, or that are intended to harass a person or group of persons on account of their race or ethnicity, disability, religion or belief, age, gender or sexual orientation.

h) Breaking onto the field of play.

i) Having been sanctioned with a ban on access to any sporting venue until the sanction has been extinguished.

Access will be allowed with flags, banners without mast and fireproof banners to support their team, prohibiting the insertion of symbols or messages with content or apology for violence, terrorism, xenophobic, political, racist or sexist content.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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