MADCUP is more than an international football tournament. It is an educational project that unites sport, tourism, culture, health and education around a great sports competition. MADCUP is clearly committed to sport as a training tool to teach important values such as empathy, companionship, equality, personal development, effort, cooperation and respect for oneself and others.

MADCUP 2024 takes place in Madrid, Spain, from June 21-26, 2024. The tournament includes Boys teams from U7 to U19 and Girl’s teams from U12 to U19, from more than 30 countries. The tournament offers a unique opportunity for its participants to enjoy their passion for football, by playing an outstanding competition, where they will feel like real professional football players while sharing an incredible multicultural experience.

The competition counts with OWQLO App, which allows everyone to follow live matches, as well as classifications, schedules, venues and all kind of information. It also has its own TV – MADCUP TV, where you can watch all kinds of football content; drills, reports, interviews, as well as the streaming of many of the matches.

In the fourth edition of the competition, MADCUP is once again committed to diversity and inclusion by once again celebrating an inclusive football tournament.

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