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In order to participate in the different MADCUP editions, precise data must be provided and processed. This data is used to manage pre-registration, registration, team participation and in the overall operation of all aspects of the tournament (matches, accommodation, transport, security, etc.)

This data comprises general information regarding the participating registered teams. MADCUP will require the information of participating team-members of any category (support, technical and auxiliary staff, players, and club managers) at both the registration and pre-registration phases. This data also comprises the information of the parents or guardians of underage players.

All pre-registration processes and final registration, as well online follow-up during the tournament itself (competition agenda, publication of results, publication of the names of players, publication of statistics, publication of the identity of trophy winners, etc.) will be managed using the computer application OWQLO. The app has been hired by MADCUP from the company TECH SMART SPORTS CONNECTOR CORPORATION (TSSC), offices situated at 239 W 14th St New York, 10011, United States. In addition, MADCUP has hired from the company this service of secure stored processed data.

The data processed for these purposes is that which is necessary for the compliance of its purposes. It refers to (i) identity data, such as name and surname, nationality; (ii) contact data, such as email address, telephone number(s), home address; and possibly (iii) next of kin information and details of legal guardians for any minors registered for the tournament.

As this data is necessary for the organization and management of all aspects of the tournament and its associated services (accommodation, transport, visits, excursions, trophy, etc.), MADCUP will communicate the data to any third-party collaborators who have been contracted to assist with the running of the event. These third parties, such as TSSC, will be considered as data processors in their own right, with whom MADCUP have signed the corresponding processing contracts.

The legal basis for the processing of this data is consent provided by the data owner.

In addition to the above, competition registration and accommodation bookings will be conducted via a bank transfer. For these ends, MADCUP will therefore also be required to process data of a financial nature, i.e., details of the holder or representative of the holder of the credit or debit card used to make payments, or details of the bank account at the origin of payments made by transfer.

MADCUP may send communications regarding the 2021 tournament or future tournaments to the contact accounts during the current or subsequent editions. Furthermore, MADCUP may share email addresses with the tournament sponsors so that they can send their own communications (including those with commercial ends) to participants.

MADCUP will keep this personal data over the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected and for the limitation of actions. Notably, it will keep them over a period of five years from the start-date of the last tournament for which they were provided, if that last registration was made before the expiry of the previous one. 

The data owner may at any time exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, disidentification, constraint, elimination, limitation or opposition to the demands or revoke consent by sending a communication to, attaching a copy of official ID or a document proving their identity and providing the details necessary in order to process their request.

You may also address a complaint to the data processing control authority if you consider that your data is not being used correctly.

In the event of withdrawal of consent or opposition to the processing of data, the data owner will be no longer be able participate in the tournament. This may have a subsidiary impact on the participation of the rest of the team, should it fall below the required minimum number of players, unless the team-member in question is immediately replaced.

In providing this data, the data owner attests to its veracity, accuracy, validity, and authenticity and undertakes to keep it duly updated by exercising the rights that protect it.

Each club guarantees to MADCUP that it has obtained all necessary consent regarding the processing of personal data and its transfer to MADCUP, as well as consent from the parents and guardians of any underage team-members. Each club is obliged to keep MADCUP free of any claim raised regarding this provision of consent when registering the team. MADCUP may also seek such consent directly. Its absence equates to an absence of data and will result in the affected team being unable to participate in the tournament. 

MADCUP undertakes to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures – according to the level of security appropriate to the risk of the details collected – so as to ensure the safety of all stored or otherwise processed data and to avoid any destruction, loss, accidental or unlawful alteration, communication or unauthorized access of it.

The MADCUP website may include hyperlinks providing access to the websites of external third parties, which are therefore not operated or managed by MADCUP. The holders of these sites have their own data protection policies and they, not MADCUP, remain responsible for any privacy-related practices conducted on their websites.

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