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Corredor del Henares

3-star hotels: Campanille Alcalá de Henares Hotel

Address: C. Fausto Elhuyar, 3, 28806 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid 

Located in Alcalá de Henares, just a 10-minute drive from the city center and 30 minutes from Madrid, the Campanile Hotel offers comfortable and cozy rooms with free high-speed Wi-Fi.  

The rooms are air-conditioned and have a flat-screen TV.

Total price per person with breakfast included:

5 nights: 338€*

6 nights: 405€*

*Fee for family members and/or companions.

If a single room is requested, please ask for the rates from the organization.

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Vía de las Dos Castillas 33,
Atica 4 1ª planta
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid. España

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