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Focusing on values, rewarding attitudes

MADCUP‘s educational component is the cornerstone of the project. We give great importance to its formative component, with sport providing the basis for education. MADCUP requires the engagement of all parties in order to achieve its goals. 

Our goal is to work on different educational activities throughout the season, each using sport as a tool to achieve the values that we consider to be essential in personal development, reflected in our “Ten Rules of Good Practice”.

Check out our current offerings and keep an eye out for announcements of future educational activities.

RESPECT, a fundamental value in all spheres of life, is a major goal for MADCUP. MADCUP continually promotes “RESPECT FOR OUR REFEREES”, a commitment between players, referees and coaches.

In the 2022 tournament, prizes will be awarded to players, clubs, coaches and fans who stand out for their exemplary attitude, fair play, and putting values above competition.


Sport is synonymous with effort, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork, self-improvement, perseverance, equality and tolerance. All of these concepts should also be transferred into other contexts in our daily lives. 

Put simply, practicing sport does not guarantee that we will develop these values. This is why, here at MADCUP, we propose our Ten Rules of Good Practice: 

1. Understand and respect the rules of the sport you practice: towards your teammates, opposition and spectators.

2. When you practice a sport, remember that you are not starting from scratch: you bring with you your existing family values, then you will learn what your coach teaches you, and later you will share this with your teammates. Encourage team spirit and teamwork.

3. Do not forget that the referee has the final say. The referee is not on your side or on your opposition’s side. Always respect their decisions, even if you think they are wrong.

4. Learn from your mistakes. This is the best source of learning to improve yourself and develop your skills.

5. Stay humble. There will always be another team better than yours. Learn from that team, and from the mistakes you make, to improve.

6. Take a zero-tolerance stance towards violence of any kind: sexism, xenophobia, etc. before, during and after the match or competition.

7. Let your family members know that their behavior has an impact on your performance, as well as that of your team and teammates. It does not help you if they behave like hooligans.

8. Gender differences do not exist in sport. Female and male are the same, only the final scores make a difference.

10. 9. Enjoy the match and enjoy the time after the match with your teammates, sharing experiences and emotions. This is part of the solidarity of sport.

10. MADCUP adheres to the Sustainable Development Goals to make the world a better place, and to make the planet more sustainable:

Good health and well-being: guaranteeing a healthy life and promoting well-being for people of all ages.

Quality education: guaranteeing inclusive, equitable and quality education, and promoting learning opportunities throughout people’s lives.

Gender equality: achieving equality across all genders and empowering all woman and girls.

Note. MADCUP wishes to recognize the exemplary behavior of all young people throughout the pandemic, having set a wonderful example for all adults. We continue to respect biosecurity rules to ensure that the “playing field” remains a safe space.

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