On this International Day of Education, we want to remember and highlight the importance of sport as an educational tool and transmitter of values.

MADCUP is an international youth football tournament created in 2021 with the mission of instilling fundamental values in new generations through sport and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. This project, framed within an educational and formative perspective, culminates with the celebration of an international youth football tournament that marks the end of the season for many players.

In this 2024 edition, MADCUP, with the support of its main partner Bristol Myers Squibb and the Community of Madrid, maintains its commitment to education, values, and sport. This year we have focused on important values such as perseverance, effort, team spirit, sacrifice, responsibility, and teamwork, among others. All these values are learned through sport, which also leads to a healthy lifestyle.

That is why at MADCUP we emphasise that, in addition to practising sport, the new generations can understand the importance of all the values they are acquiring through sport, often without even being aware of it.

MADCUP will keep on with its objective and mission to reach as many children as possible, both in the Community of Madrid and in other regions, in order to transmit this message to them.

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