Madrid Panthers sponsors the award from VIP Deportivo for the promotion of women’s soccer, which has been awarded to MADCUP in recognition for the work and encouragement of women’s football by the tournament.

MADCUP is more than just an international youth football tournament, MADCUP is a symbol of education, competition, equality and values. One of our main purposes is to transmit to the youngest players the essential values and principles of sport, such as sacrifice, honesty, respect, fellowship, tolerance and equal opportunities. In all our editions, the organization has focused on the importance of women’s football and the need to strengthen it, making it visible, promoting it and consolidating it as an opportunity for the future of those players who dream of becoming top level professionals.

The second edition of MADCUP registered 88 participating women’s teams, and for this third edition we continue to work to strengthen our position as the international tournament of reference for women’s football.

We would like to once again acknowledge the VIP Deportivo newspaper for granting us this award and recognizing our work in the promotion of women’s soccer, in which we firmly believe and with great conviction. The award, sponsored by Madrid Panthers, will be gathered on December 2 during the second edition of the National Sports and Journalism Awards Gala, which will be held in the Assembly Hall of the Ancient Hospital of Santa María La Rica (Alcalá Henares, Madrid).

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